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love you grandpa!

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Motherfucker dont tell me how to run my blog. You made me not want to. But yay for cancer donation c:

 This ones for my bestfriends grandpa, she loved him so much.

Also all of my family that passed away because of cancer. c:

Donating my hair of two years tomorrow. Keep on keeping on, cancer dudes and dudettes.

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Tiesto and Hardwell - Zero 76

Due to my current budget setup, I get few tracks when and where I can. Because of this, I’ll often be reviewing certain tracks, rather than full releases. I don’t like pirating music. That being said, this is a free track I got from being a member of beatport. How nice of them.

Down to business, this is a great proghouse mix. As any good club mix should do, it made me feel like dancing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many of Tiesto’s Club Life and other tracks, this one included. To be perfectly honest, I know very little of Hardwell, other than that he, like Tiesto, is Dutch. I’ll make it my mission to listen to more of his stuff and review something of his next.

This is actually a fairly generic track, short of encompassing som of Tiesto’s signature things. I’ve got to listen to something less progressive soon. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I’m going to feel like a broken record soon. The track starts out with the beat, and you get a nice feel for the rhythm. A building sound in the background, the beat speeds up, then you get to unce unce unce. You start pumping your fist, the sound picked up, then the whole thing drops out to a little keyboard segment. Keyboard increase, the background sound resumes, a higher keyboard joins, and the unce unce is back. Everything quiets down, you get a vibrating sound that picks up speed, then it gets clubby. A solid unce unce, and nice keyboard/synth/thingymajigs play you through. Things quiet down to a loud unce, and everything builds back up again. Keyboards alone, repeat. The one thing I DIDN’T like about this mix is that it seemed a bit too… stadium club. If you don’t know what it is, it’s hard to explain. They aren’t inherently bad, I’m just not very fond of them.

Sometimes I feel like I give too much of the songs away in my reviews… 

Excision, Datsik, and Flux Pavilion - Boom EP

Canada. What’s not to love about Canada? It has great syrup, generally nice people, snow, and amazing Dubstep musicians. The Boom EP is an ‘09 dubstep release from Rottun Recordings featuring Datsik, Excision, and Flux Pavilion. I really couldn’t say anything negative about this album if I tried. Datsik and Excision are both great dubstep artists in their own respect, even better together. They’re both well characterized by robotic, machinery sounds. Anytime they work together has an amazing result. Flux Pavilion certainly brings a helluva lot to the table whenever he works with someone. His drops are more of a gutteral, filthy sound, that compliments Datsik’s darker drops especially well. 

Going to the album itself, the three musicians are certainly keeping up their good work. All throughout it you’ll find powerful drops, strong basslines, and flithy-ass-beats, yo. The titular song, “Boom,” features a calm, flute-like instrument, with a repeating beeping sound to emulate a countdown. Then, it hits the speed up, and a loud blast, and the wobbles are exploding your face. Gears are whirring, robotic pistons are going, and that wobble continues to explode. You’re gonna feel like you’re fighting the war for fucking Cybertron. The flute resumes, and everything calms down again, and the build-up slowly returns. This process repeats a couple of times, then the flute carries you out to the next track. The rest of the album lacks the contrast of calm versus power, but an all power song is still pretty damn good.

MOOSKIZ (fuck you, I came up with that word)

Since my tumblr will be a same-thing-but-different of my friend’s tumblr, I feel it’s apropos to start in a similar fashion. 

I don’t really dislike any genre. Sure, there are many I like (from things like grind, hardcore, punk, metal, etc.; to electronic things like techno, house, dubstep, etc. With all sorts of other shit in the experimental range), but I’ll listen to just about anything without a care. 

My favorite bands and musicians are all over the place. Ones that are relevant to this blog include but are not limited to: Emalkay, Netsky, Groove Armada, Th Glitch Mob, Nightmares On Wax, Excision, Mark System, S.P.Y, Bukkha, Phunk Investigation, Hardwell, Tiesto, Kim Fai, Liquid Sound, Datsik, Vaski, Neelix, Etic, Tripical, Disco Hooligans, Jellyheads, Captain Hook, Dickster, Psysex, Sporty-O, Open Cluster, Imetic, Alpha Proxima, Gramophonedzie, Pleasurekraft, Kamui, Organ Donors, Evanti, Re-Done, Bubblegum Octopus, Industrialyzer, Konnekt, Nitrogenetics, User Killer, S3rl, Night Liberator, and Downlink.