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Excision, Datsik, and Flux Pavilion - Boom EP

Canada. What’s not to love about Canada? It has great syrup, generally nice people, snow, and amazing Dubstep musicians. The Boom EP is an ‘09 dubstep release from Rottun Recordings featuring Datsik, Excision, and Flux Pavilion. I really couldn’t say anything negative about this album if I tried. Datsik and Excision are both great dubstep artists in their own respect, even better together. They’re both well characterized by robotic, machinery sounds. Anytime they work together has an amazing result. Flux Pavilion certainly brings a helluva lot to the table whenever he works with someone. His drops are more of a gutteral, filthy sound, that compliments Datsik’s darker drops especially well. 

Going to the album itself, the three musicians are certainly keeping up their good work. All throughout it you’ll find powerful drops, strong basslines, and flithy-ass-beats, yo. The titular song, “Boom,” features a calm, flute-like instrument, with a repeating beeping sound to emulate a countdown. Then, it hits the speed up, and a loud blast, and the wobbles are exploding your face. Gears are whirring, robotic pistons are going, and that wobble continues to explode. You’re gonna feel like you’re fighting the war for fucking Cybertron. The flute resumes, and everything calms down again, and the build-up slowly returns. This process repeats a couple of times, then the flute carries you out to the next track. The rest of the album lacks the contrast of calm versus power, but an all power song is still pretty damn good.